Toward A Gift Culture

LB Time Exchange, Trilogy Yoga, and Shift LB present...

Toward A Gift Culture

Where: Trilogy Yoga 3141 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803
When: Saturday, May 14th 4-6pm

“Soon we will live in a world where "cannot afford to" is no longer an impediment to the beautiful expression of one's gifts. No more will it be true that more for me is less for you. Let us stop resisting the revolution in human beingness. If we want to survive the multiple crises unfolding today, let us not seek to survive them. That is the mindset of separation; that is resistance, a clinging to a dying past. Instead, let us shift our perspective toward reunion, and think in terms of what we can give. What can we each contribute to a more beautiful world? That is our only responsibility and our only security.” –Charles Eistenstein

As the global economic system flutters and fails, leaving many without jobs and dependent on government assistance, a new type of economy is emerging.

This system, known by social theorists as a “gift economy,” or gift culture, holds a radically different set of values.

Instead of stressing independence and competition with a currency based on debt, a gift culture is one that incorporates interdependence and cooperation.

From time banking to the concept of seva (selfless service), free store events to donation-based yoga, Long Beach communities are using different systems to unlock our gifts.

This dialogue with Dharma Shakti (founder of LB Yogalution and Trilogy Yoga) and Tony Damico (co-founder of The Long Beach Time Exchange and Shift Long Beach) will explore ways to expand these networks, and continue to connect diverse communities on both material and spiritual levels while dealing with the challenges that the market economy poses.

The event will also include a gift circle; please bring something special of yours to pass along.

Food will be provided by cooks and chefs in the Long Beach Time Exchange.

A $5 donation is suggested at the door (but no one will be turned away for lack of funds). Early arrival is suggested.